Mahaska’s Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks

When it comes to vending machines, they generally aren’t thought of as providing healthy snacks. Here at Mahaska, we feel it is important to offer nutritious and healthy alternatives to the standard snacks provided.  Here is a list of all the healthy snacks that we provide: Loffredos (Des Moines, Ia) Apple Cheese Cracker Tray Strawberry […]

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Wake Up with Kickstart


Feeling a bit drowsy?  Mountain Dew recently rolled out new flavors of Kickstart, their caffeinated juice.  Not considered to be a soda, though carbonated, or an energy drink, though it gives you energy, Kickstart is an alternative to coffee or tea.  Instead of brewing a cup of coffee before your commute to work, grab a […]

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Fruit Shoot Is Our Thing

It’s My Thing Our kids do amazing things everyday.  Fruit Shoot is celebrating that with the launch of their new campaign, “It’s My Thing”.  Fruit Shoot is fueling kids’ hobbies, passions, and dreams with drinks that allow them to get their daily dose of fruits on the go! New Flavors Fruit Shoot is also adding new […]

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Inspirational Water: LIFEWTR


Need a little inspiration? LIFEWTR has created a new canvas for artists to display their work. They believe that inspiration is essential to life, just like water, so they have launched a campaign to pair up with artists allowing them to design beautiful and creative labels for their bottles. Check out the commercial that was featured during […]

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Introducing BUBBL’R

We are excited to announce that we will soon be offering a new sparkling water with rich flavors, called BUBBL’R.  This antioxidant infused sparkling water contains natural colors and flavors.  In addition, BUBBL’R does not include artificial sweeteners, so you can rest easy knowing what you are drinking is the real deal.  Another perk is that […]

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A New Kind of Spiked Lemonade

Spiked Lemonade

The word ‘spiked’ is representative of the prickly pear cactus juice fused into Mountain Dew’s new Spiked Lemonade.  In a play on words, the can even has an image of a cactus spike driven through a lemon.  Coming in two new flavors, lemonade and raspberry lemonade, Mountain Dew brings thirst quenching to a whole new level. […]

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Mahaska Beverages Under 100 Calories

low calorie beverages

The start of a new year goes hand in hand with picking new years resolutions for most of us. The #1 new year’s resolution for 2017 is (to no surprise)…. to lose weight! We all know how hard it is to stick to these resolutions we set for ourselves. However, we are here to help you […]

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The New Age of Vending Machines

Candy and soda used to be the only thing you could get from a vending machine. These days, you can get anything from hot food and beverage items to phone chargers and cosmetics. The future of vending, or otherwise known as ‘automated retailing’, looks very bright as it evolves with an ever-changing landscape of consumers’ needs for convenience, […]

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Cabana Coconut Water Now at Mahaska

Mahaska recently introduced Cabana Coconut Water into its beverage distribution! Coconut water is one of the fastest-growing beverage categories in the United States and United Kingdom, with consumers and health experts alike recognizing its natural hydrating qualities, great taste and exceptional nutritional benefits. Health-conscious consumers and those leading active lifestyles have become the number one fans […]

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Mahaska Awarded Blue Zone Designated Worksite

On January 12th, 2016, Mahaska celebrated being one of the employers in Mahaska County that is a Blue Zone Designated Worksite!  The Blue Zones Project is dedicated to helping towns become better places to live, work and play. Designation is one way to measure and reward the progress of various organizations that are achieving in your […]

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