Fruit Shoot Is Our Thing

It’s My Thing

Our kids do amazing things everyday.  Fruit Shoot is celebrating that with the launch of their new campaign, “It’s My Thing”.  Fruit Shoot is fueling kids’ hobbies, passions, and dreams with drinks that allow them to get their daily dose of fruits on the go!

New Flavors

Fruit Shoot is also adding new flavors to their mix of fun and delicious drinks. Their latest addition is Fruit Punch, and like their other drinks, has no added sugar.  Pink Lemonade was also recently added to the line up, which is the perfect summer drink for all your little ones running around!  Not to mention, every bottle has a re-sealable sports cap that allows your kids to run, play, and do their thing without worrying about their drink spilling.

Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot is our thing, and we want it to be yours too.  If you want to carry Fruit Shoot, contact us for more information.