Wake Up with Kickstart

Feeling a bit drowsy?  Mountain Dew recently rolled out new flavors of Kickstart, their caffeinated juice.  Not considered to be a soda, though carbonated, or an energy drink, though it gives you energy, Kickstart is an alternative to coffee or tea.  Instead of brewing a cup of coffee before your commute to work, grab a Kickstart to wake up and stay alert all day.

New Flavors

The new Kickstarts are healthier, made with coconut water, 10% real juice, vitamins C and E, and only 60 calories per can.  Additionally, Kickstart contains antioxidants.  They come in a slimmer can than the standard Kickstart flavors.  The new flavors include: Energizing Raspberry Citrus, Energizing Blueberry Pomegranate, Energizing Blood Orange, Energizing Watermelon, and Energizing Pineapple Orange Mango.


While Kickstart contains less caffeine than coffee, it gives you the energy you need to wake up in the morning, or keep you going during work.  These fruit flavored drinks are a great way to start your day.  Though kickstart has been around for a few years, these new flavors provide a healthier variety to the original flavors.  Recharge your day with a hydrating boost of Kickstart.

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