Mountain Dew’s ‘Walking Dead’ Partnership

Mountain Dew Walking Dead

A partnership worthy of a zombie apocalypse, AMC and Mountain Dew are working together for the eighth season of “The Walking Dead”. The season premiers on October 22nd, which will also be the show’s 100th episode! The show has been #1 on television for the last five years among viewers 18-49 years old. “By partnering […]

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Mtn Dew’s Mysteriously Exotic White Label

white label

Following the release of the 2016 Mtn Dew Black Label, Mountain Dew has added the White Label to the series of premium crafted sodas.  The tropical citrus flavored White Label brings a new level of sophistication to the soft drink industry. “DEW Nation has shown us its love for Mtn Dew Black Label by making […]

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Mahaska’s Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks

When it comes to vending machines, they generally aren’t thought of as providing healthy snacks. Here at Mahaska, we feel it is important to offer nutritious and healthy alternatives to the standard snacks provided.  Here is a list of all the healthy snacks that we provide: Loffredos (Des Moines, Ia) Apple Cheese Cracker Tray Strawberry […]

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Mahaska Welcomes Hungry McGee

Hungry McGee

We are pleased to announce that we are now distributing Hungry McGee meat sticks and jerky bites! Hungry McGee’s meats are smoked to perfection in the United States.  With different flavors in the sticks and bites, there are several options to choose from. Sticks The sticks come from a select cut of beefs that are lean and […]

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Introducing Mahaska’s Online Retailer Portal

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our online retailer portal. Ordering for your business has never been easier! Say goodbye to last minute phones calls or rushing to meet your delivery driver, and place your order online at your convenience. Our new online portal is a simple, time-saving solution for all of your inventory needs. […]

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The New Age of Vending Machines

Candy and soda used to be the only thing you could get from a vending machine. These days, you can get anything from hot food and beverage items to phone chargers and cosmetics. The future of vending, or otherwise known as ‘automated retailing’, looks very bright as it evolves with an ever-changing landscape of consumers’ needs for convenience, […]

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Meet Archie Dudley, Mahaska Warehouse Associate

Smucker's logo

Georgia born, Archie Dudley, has been Mahaska’s Iowa Warehouse Associate for one year. Many of his employees, friends and family perceive him as the outgoing wrestling coach, but some do not know about his strong spiritual side. During the day he always manages to have a smile on his face and strives to make people happy. […]

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Meet Steve Long, Mahaska Extended Territory Sales Rep

Parkside Brewing Company logo

Steve Long has been a member of the Mahaska Vending Services team in Iowa for three years. Steve is an IA native, born in Fairfield and raised in Ottumwa, IA. Prior to joining our Mahaska team, Steve worked as a Sales Representative for Hostess Brands. We are glad to have Steve as a part of our proud […]

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Meet Chuck Eklofe, Mahaska Vending Technician

Chuck Eklofe has been with Mahaska for 35 years, and now works as a Vending Technician in Iowa. Get to know Chuck a little better below! What is a typical day at Mahaska like for you? Going out to the public and learning new stuff. Favorite beverages that Mahaska distributes? Pepsi and Blue Gatorade. Favorite […]

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Unbelievable but Real – Gadget Vending Machines

Vending machines no longer supply just the standard soda and candy. Today they can stock items usually reserved for a retail store or restaurant. These modern vending machines around the world are unbelievable but real. Have you ever had to wait for hours at an airport for a connecting or delayed flight? Then you know that only […]

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