is a family owned bottling and distribution company that is devoted to providing enjoyable products and vending services!


Mahaska is a 7th generation family owned food and beverage distribution company that has been around for more than 125 years. From our early years at the dawn of the soft-drink industry preceding all major brands with the exception of Dr Pepper, we’ve expanded our portfolio and added a multitude of product and service lines across non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, food, snacks, and craft beer. We offer turnkey equipment and vending services to all of our customers and our skillful fleet mechanics ensure our trucks are always running and ready to serve you.



We offer a wide array of our proprietary / partner brands, products, services, and distribution in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska; and parts of Illinois, Missouri, and South Dakota. We offer our proprietary brands and certain products and services in California, New York, and Texas. Our proprietary brands, other products, and services are available anywhere in the continental U.S. upon specific request.

With headquarters in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska - our products and services can be customized for any location.

California (CA)

Illinois (IL)

Iowa (IA)

Kansas (KS)

Missouri (MO)

Nebraska (NE)

New York (NY)

South Dakota (SD)

Texas (TX)




"Mahaska was founded as a proprietary brand-driven bottling company that expanded under Harry Morgan into an independent franchisee. Today, we continue to advance our proprietary brands while remaining steadfast in our commitment to franchisor partners. I dedicated my career to the preservation of the franchise system and the rights of independent franchisees globally, not only in beverage, but in all industries. The franchise system and the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent franchisee is an expression of core capitalist values that are uniquely American. As a result, we deeply value the relationships with our franchisor partners and continue our unwavering commitment to developing franchisor brands within our territories with the same vigor that we afford our proprietary brands."

Bradley Muhl, Chairman of the Board

"TYR was interested in making a foray into the beverage landscape but did not have the executional capabilities in place to address functional requirements across product development, manufacturing, and distribution in a different industry. In Mahaska, we found a vertically-integrated partner who could offer a turnkey solution able to address all aspects of the process from product formulation to placement in retail. In addition to being a trusted partner, Mahaska has been a dedicated steward of the TYR brand. From top to bottom, Mahaska personnel have been ready and willing to assist the TYR brand in every aspect of our business, including regional sales, marketing, and event activation in both beverage and apparel."

Matthew DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR Sport

"Reverie Coffee Roasters creates the best coffees in Kansas and the Midwest, and we’re proud to work with Mahaska to deliver our specialty coffees to even more deserving customers. They manage an innovative system of convenience that employees and guests enjoy each day. We’re proud to be a local and regional partner with them to deliver the better ‘water cooler’ culture of the future."

Andrew Gough, President of Reverie Coffee Roasters