Inspirational Water: LIFEWTR

Need a little inspiration? LIFEWTR has created a new canvas for artists to display their work. They believe that inspiration is essential to life, just like water, so they have launched a campaign to pair up with artists allowing them to design beautiful and creative labels for their bottles. Check out the commercial that was featured during the 2017 Super Bowl:

LIFEWTR switches up the art featured on the bottles every three months to keep the creative flow. Each artist and their creative process is featured on the company’s website ( The designs on the water bottles are fun, vividly colored, and unique. LIFEWTR has figured out a way to make drinking water cooler than ever.

Craig & Karl

Craig and Karl are the creative designers behind this water bottle label. They have worked on a multitude of high status projects with Vogue, Nike, and the New York Times. Their art has also been featured in various museums, including the Louvre in Paris, France.

craigkarl-bottle-1 copy


Known for his wall murals, MOMO designed the following water bottle label. He, “approached the bottle as a unique platform for publishing work”.


Jason Woodside

Jason Woodside designed the label below. He is a New York based painter that has painted on exterior walls in major cities and has had creative collaborations with brands such as Adidas. His inspiration for the water bottle design was based on sun, sea and land using a kaleidoscope geometric effect.



LIFEWTR also encourages everyone to post their own creative selfies using the hashtag #MoreInspired. LIFEWTR is more than just water. They are a way to connect and collaborate with the community on a global scale.

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