Mahaska Awarded Blue Zone Designated Worksite

On January 12th, 2016, Mahaska celebrated being one of the employers in Mahaska County that is a Blue Zone Designated Worksite!  The Blue Zones Project is dedicated to helping towns become better places to live, work and play. Designation is one way to measure and reward the progress of various organizations that are achieving in your […]

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The Continuation of Mountain Dew’s Advertising

Aspartame Free Diet Pepsi- Mahaska Blog

In the 1970’s, most soft drink companies started to offer their beverages in plastic bottles. To Pepsi-Cola’s disappointment, the plastic bottle manufacturers were initially unable to produce a bottle that would maintain the right shade of green needed for Mountain Dew bottles. Luckily, by 1978 that problem was solved. Pepsi quickly produced 2-liter plastic bottles and […]

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