Mtn Dew’s Mysteriously Exotic White Label

Following the release of the 2016 Mtn Dew Black Label, Mountain Dew has added the White Label to the series of premium crafted sodas.  The tropical citrus flavored White Label brings a new level of sophistication to the soft drink industry. “DEW Nation has shown us its love for Mtn Dew Black Label by making it one of our most popular beverages,” said Chauncey Hamlett, Senior Director of Marketing at Mountain Dew. “Through the Mtn Dew Label Series, we’re looking to give our fans more choices for when they want to let loose but are craving something a little more sophisticated.”

DEW VR Beat Drop

Mountain Dew created the ultimate VR experience with their 360 degree video featuring the Label Series. Check out the video to experience Mountain Dew like never before.

The Label Series officially launched at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in addition to a party during Coachella! Mixed drinks were made using Mtn Dew White Label, including a White Tux Tiki Punch made with gin, lemon, and grapefruit.

Mountain Dew is truly shaking things up with their classy line up of new drinks. These refreshing beverages are perfect for dinner parties, cocktail hour, or even just to sip throughout the day at work.

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