Is Pepsi ok? | Super Bowl LIII Week

Pepsi is using the world’s biggest stage to show the world, once and for all, that Pepsi is so much “more than OK.” The brand’s in-game Super Bowl advertisement, “More Than OK,” starring Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon, takes a humorous and playful approach to directly address the exchange people sometimes have with […]

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The History of Halloween Candy

Have you ever wondered why we give out candy on Halloween? Read more below to find out! Every year around this time, retailers dedicate entire aisles and display areas specifically to Halloween candy. It’s likely that everywhere you go you will have to resist the temptation of indulging in these tasty treats. It is estimated […]

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Mahaska Donates $2,000 for Recycling Project

Mahaska Donates

Highland freshman Riley Donovan received $2000 to implement new recycling bins in the middle and high school.  The Highland middle and high school will be promoting more recycling next fall, all because of one student. Freshman Riley Donovan proposed to the administration that recycling containers be purchased for cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, and plastic waste. Donovan […]

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Mahaska’s Norfolk Grand Opening

Norfolk Grand Opening

Norfolk received its first look at the new and improved Mahaska facility on Thursday. The opportunity arose during a late-afternoon open house celebration at the Norfolk bottler and distributor, located at 1106 Alaska Ave. “It’s nice,” said Bob Boeckman, general manager of the Norfolk facility. “We were awfully crammed into the old office.” The Norfolk […]

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Introducing Mahaska’s Online Retailer Portal

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our online retailer portal. Ordering for your business has never been easier! Say goodbye to last minute phones calls or rushing to meet your delivery driver, and place your order online at your convenience. Our new online portal is a simple, time-saving solution for all of your inventory needs. […]

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Take a Sip of History with Pepsi 1893

pepsi 1893

Pepsi has created the ultimate premium soda to quench your thirst.  Whether you are looking to change things up or need a new mixer, Pepsi 1893 is the way to go.  It comes in four different favors: original, ginger, black current, and citrus. Pepsi describes 1893 as, “rewriting the history of refreshment with a bold combination of […]

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Klarbrunn Sparkling + Girl Starter

Girl Starter Klarbrunn

Klarbrunn Sparkling will be the official beverage sponsor of Girl Starter, a new TV show set to air this spring on TLC.  Girl Starter is a revolutionary trans-media entertainment and technology company that will combine their efforts with Klarbrunn Sparkling to help young entrepreneurial women achieve their dreams on the biggest stage through the inaugural […]

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Outlaw Energy


Outlaw Energy is UNCOMPROMISING ENERGY.  We believe you don’t take shortcuts, so we don’t either. Outlaw Energy delivers long lasting, hard hitting energy with a just right combination of ginseng, B vitamins, guarana, and caffeine.   There when you need it all day and into the night.   Bringing the power is not enough. Our […]

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Mahaska in the News

Mahaska is honored to be be featured in this year’s Norfolk Daily News Insight edition. Check out the article below! Owners and/or operators and their background: Recently celebrating its 125th anniversary, Mahaska was founded in 1889 by James W.V. McKinley on the back of his U.S. Patent No. 418,469 for a hand pump and barrel attachment, which […]

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