Mountain Dew Black Label

Mountain Dew released an awesome, unique carbonated soft drink made with real sugar, crafted dark berry flavor and herbal bitters. The new twist on the beloved original soft drink goes by Mountain Dew Black Label. In the fall of 2015, the new drink was exclusively given to 600 colleges and universities, allowing students to be […]

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The Continuation of Mountain Dew’s Advertising

Aspartame Free Diet Pepsi- Mahaska Blog

In the 1970’s, most soft drink companies started to offer their beverages in plastic bottles. To Pepsi-Cola’s disappointment, the plastic bottle manufacturers were initially unable to produce a bottle that would maintain the right shade of green needed for Mountain Dew bottles. Luckily, by 1978 that problem was solved. Pepsi quickly produced 2-liter plastic bottles and […]

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The Evolution of Mountain Dew Advertising

Mountain Dew sales increased at a steady rate by 1972. But after some investigation, it was discovered that that the growth outside of Mountain Dew’s original market was small and that, specifically, the take-home market was inadequate. Many Mountain Dew drinkers were not able to find the beverage in their local grocery store. Mountain Dew also discovered that a […]

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