The Continuation of Mountain Dew’s Advertising

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In the 1970’s, most soft drink companies started to offer their beverages in plastic bottles. To¬†Pepsi-Cola’s disappointment, the plastic bottle manufacturers were initially unable to produce a bottle that would maintain the right shade of green needed for Mountain Dew bottles. Luckily, by 1978 that problem was solved. Pepsi quickly produced 2-liter plastic bottles and […]

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Meet Bill Vogt, Mahaska Warehouse and Route Manager

Bill Vogt is the Warehouse and Route Manager and has worked at Mahaska for 33 years. Before joining the Mahaska team, he worked on a dairy farm in Nebraska. Besides work, Bill has a variety of interests that range from watching football and fishing to¬†hunting and baking desserts. Bill’s life motto is to take advantage […]

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