Take a Sip of History with Pepsi 1893

Pepsi has created the ultimate premium soda to quench your thirst.  Whether you are looking to change things up or need a new mixer, Pepsi 1893 is the way to go.  It comes in four different favors: original, ginger, black current, and citrus. Pepsi describes 1893 as, “rewriting the history of refreshment with a bold combination of kola nuts, real sugar, and sparkling water to deliver a totally unexpected cola experience”.

Highlighting a bit of history, 1893 was the year that Caleb Bradham sold the first soda drink for Pepsi out of his drug store in North Carolina.  Initially, it was called “Brad’s Drink” and then changed to Pepsi-Cola five years later.  More than just a soft drink, Pepsi was derived from the word dyspepsia for its aid in indigestion.

In a uniquely designed can, Pepsi 1893 brings soda drinking to a whole other level of sophistication and class.  In fact, Pepsi is advertising ways to make the finest mixed drinks. According to Beverage-Digest Editor, Duane Stanford, Pepsi is “really interested in the millennial culture of cocktails and the whole culture around mixology now.” One highlighted drink is the 1893 Original Juniper- calling for Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, ice, and of course, 1893 Original Cola.

pepsi 1893

Mixed or alone, the Pepsi 1893 brings you back in time to experience Pepsi as it was experienced at it’s inception. For more cocktail recipes, visit Pepsi.com and of course, drink responsibly.

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