Mahaska Donates $2,000 for Recycling Project

Mahaska Donates

Highland freshman Riley Donovan received $2000 to implement new recycling bins in the middle and high school.  The Highland middle and high school will be promoting more recycling next fall, all because of one student. Freshman Riley Donovan proposed to the administration that recycling containers be purchased for cardboard, newspaper, aluminum, and plastic waste. Donovan […]

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Meet Jim Frush, Mahaska General Manager

Jim Frush is the General Manager at Mahaska in Kansas. He has been loyal to the company for 34 years and is highly recognized amongst all employees. Outside of all his hard work in the office, Jim also enjoys golfing, hunting and giving back to the community. Read more about Jim below! What does a typical day […]

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Meet Randy Snodgrass, Mahaska Marketing Manager

Randy Snodgrass is Mahaska’s Marketing Manager. While in the office, Randy is constantly busy and always traveling out in the market. He is an extremely loyal employee and is very dedicated to his family. In his free time, he enjoys many outdoor activities and is involved in giving back to his kids school. Read more about Randy […]

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Meet Sean Tubal, Mahaska’s Snack Express Route Manager

Sean Tubal, Mahaska’s Snack Express Route Manager, was born and raised in California. He has now worked for Mahaska for more than 22 years. Everyone knows Sean for his good character, sense of humor, involvement in the community and love for his family. Read more about Sean and his favorite Mahaska products below! What is a […]

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Meet Bill Vogt, Mahaska Warehouse and Route Manager

Bill Vogt is the Warehouse and Route Manager and has worked at Mahaska for 33 years. Before joining the Mahaska team, he worked on a dairy farm in Nebraska. Besides work, Bill has a variety of interests that range from watching football and fishing to hunting and baking desserts. Bill’s life motto is to take advantage […]

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Meet J.J. Howrey, Mahaska Snack Route Manager

J.J. Howrey, Mahaska Snack Route Manger, works in Iowa where he was born and raised. J.J. has an outgoing personality and enjoys to make fun of himself. He is a proud and hard  working family man. J.J. contributes to the community and is honored to be a part of a company that gives back as well. […]

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Meet Lee Clark, Mahaska Route Manager

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Lee Clark, Mahaska Route Manager for the past year and a half, was born and raised in Nebraska and continues to work there today. He incorporates his Midwest values into his day-to-day interactions with not only his family, but also the people around him. Although he now works in the distribution industry, Lee has a hidden talent […]

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Meet Phil Smith, Mahaska Operations Manager

Phil Smith Mahaska Operations Manager

Phil Smith, Mahaska Operations Manager, started his career as an aircraft mechanic and is now a loyal Mahaska employee. He has dedicated 27 years of his life working for Mahaska and is a contributor to the success of the company. Phil was born and raised in Kansas and continues to work in Mahaska’s Kansas office. Read below to […]

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