Overachieving H2O: Essentia Water


Not all water is created equal … this is Essentia Water’s mantra. We are proud to announce we will now be carrying Essentia! But, what is it and what makes it so different from other water brands? Essentia believes proper hydration increases human potential. Its proprietary ionization process creates a clean and smooth tasting 9.5pH or […]

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LIFEWTR Supports Women in the Arts


LIFEWTR is supporting women in the arts with the release of its Series 2 labels, featuring lively and abstract designs from three female artists – Trudy Benson, Lynnie Z and Adrienne Gaither. LIFEWTR will provide these women the opportunity to influence millions with about 20 million bottle labels expected to be distributed over the next few months. To further support females in the […]

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What does Pepsi’s Future Hold?

Since its inception in 1893, it is safe to say Pepsi has come along way as a company. What started out as a sole product, a carbonated beverage to aid with digestion, has turned into a multi-billion dollar corporation. So what does Pepsi’s future hold? For a company that seems to have it all, we can’t be […]

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Benefits of Drinking Klarbrunn Sparkling Water

Trying to cut those soda cravings but don’t know where to reach? Sparkling water may be the perfect option for you. Sparkling water is often times looked upon as a healthier option to soda, which is true, but it also has many benefits you might not have known. Not only does Klarbrunn sparkling water contain zero calories […]

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