LIFEWTR Supports Women in the Arts

LIFEWTR is supporting women in the arts with the release of its Series 2 labels, featuring lively and abstract designs from three female artists – Trudy BensonLynnie Z and Adrienne Gaither. LIFEWTR will provide these women the opportunity to influence millions with about 20 million bottle labels expected to be distributed over the next few months.

Adrienne Gaither

To further support females in the arts, LIFEWTR contributed to the Frieze Brooklyn Museum Fund with the purchase of “Untitled 1971” by American artist Virginia Jaramillo. The fund will continue to acquire paintings from inspiring artists and showcase their works in the Brooklyn Museum as a part of their permanent collection.

Lynnie Z

LIFEWTR is the official partner of the 2017 CFDA Fashion Awards this year, where the Series 2 bottles will be featured among America’s most high profile fashion designers.  Each artist’s work will be seen by many who attend the event as well as the after parties.  Check out Trudy Benson’s story to see the inspiration behind her design.  Every artist’s story can be found on

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