What does Pepsi’s Future Hold?

Since its inception in 1893, it is safe to say Pepsi has come along way as a company. What started out as a sole product, a carbonated beverage to aid with digestion, has turned into a multi-billion dollar corporation. So what does Pepsi’s future hold? For a company that seems to have it all, we can’t be exactly sure. However, we have an idea of where we think PepsiCo’s future steps might lead.

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Let’s start out with PepsiCo’s beverage side of the business.aquafina, pepsico, water sales, water One thing we know for sure is that Pepsi’s future will entail a continuous expansion of different drinks, from soda to juice to coffee and beyond. While we can expect to see Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and other carbonated PepsiCo beverages continue to make a large dent in the company’s sales, expansion into other beverage categories will continue to soar with changing trends. One of the products that is at the top of the list- water. Bottled water consumption almost doubled in 2015. More and more people continue to make their nutrition and health a top priority, and water consumption is a big part of this. Sparkling water is also one of the biggest beverages on the rise, so we can expect to see Pepsi expand even more into this area as well.

When we look into the future of PepsiCo’s “snacking” side of things, CEO Indra Nooyi has given us some unexpected insight to where she believes they might be headed.pepsi, crickets, protien, pepsi future Cheap protein is in high demand, and Nooyi thinks crickets are the answer to this problem. In an interview with CNBC, “[Experts] said the hottest thing is eating crickets,” says Nooyi. “I am not talking about the game cricket, I am talking about crickets! In chips.” Although she doesn’t think that cricket snacks will be “mainstream” for a few years, it seems like it is definitely in the company’s future.

While we don’t know for sure exactly what Pepsi’s future will consist of, we can definitely count on it being around for a while. Interested in carrying any Pepsi products in your business? Contact us today to learn how!