Looking Back At Pepsi Holiday Spice

Pepsi Holiday Spice

Were you one of the few people who had the chance to try the elusive holiday beverage Pepsi briefly sold in 2004? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. This drink didn’t stay on shelves long. In November of 2004, Pepsi launched a limited edition Holiday Spice beverage flavored with “seasonal spices.” However, Pepsi […]

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Progression of Pepsi’s Advertising

After the company’s first commercial in 1950, Pepsi’s advertising would continue to prosper and grow over the years. The 50’s brought on not only a logo change, but a total change in direction to the brand’s initial strategy. The new logo incorporated the “bottle cap” design, and Pepsi was no longer advertised based on price. The new direction […]

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