Meet Bill Vogt, Mahaska Warehouse and Route Manager

Bill Vogt is the Warehouse and Route Manager and has worked at Mahaska for 33 years. Before joining the Mahaska team, he worked on a dairy farm in Nebraska. Besides work, Bill has a variety of interests that range from watching football and fishing to hunting and baking desserts. Bill’s life motto is to take advantage […]

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Meet Lee Clark, Mahaska Route Manager

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Lee Clark, Mahaska Route Manager for the past year and a half, was born and raised in Nebraska and continues to work there today. He incorporates his Midwest values into his day-to-day interactions with not only his family, but also the people around him. Although he now works in the distribution industry, Lee has a hidden talent […]

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Meet Jeff Parlet, Mahaska Route Manager

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Mahaska Route Manager Jeff Parlet has been working for Mahaska in Iowa for 22 years and never fails to impress his fellow coworkers with his dedication and work habits. Outside of the warehouse he enjoys spending time with his family, watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and golfing. He is very proud of the company he works […]

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