Meet Sean Tubal, Mahaska’s Snack Express Route Manager

Sean Tubal, Mahaska’s Snack Express Route Manager, was born and raised in California. He has now worked for Mahaska for more than 22 years. Everyone knows Sean for his good character, sense of humor, involvement in the community and love for his family. Read more about Sean and his favorite Mahaska products below! What is a […]

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#MeetMeInMalibu, Klarbrunn Vita ICE Contest

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Klarbrunn Inc. was founded in 1987 by Mahaska Partner Wis-Pak, launching a new generation of natural sparkling waters. There was no other product quite like Klarbrunn when it was introduced as a healthy beverage with zero calories and zero sodium. Just over 2 years ago, Klarbrunn introduced Vita ICE in 2013. Klarbrunn Vita ICE is a vitamin-enriched, antioxidant, sparkling […]

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