Wake Up with Kickstart


Feeling a bit drowsy?  Mountain Dew recently rolled out new flavors of Kickstart, their caffeinated juice.  Not considered to be a soda, though carbonated, or an energy drink, though it gives you energy, Kickstart is an alternative to coffee or tea.  Instead of brewing a cup of coffee before your commute to work, grab a […]

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Fruit Shoot Is Our Thing

It’s My Thing Our kids do amazing things everyday.  Fruit Shoot is celebrating that with the launch of their new campaign, “It’s My Thing”.  Fruit Shoot is fueling kids’ hobbies, passions, and dreams with drinks that allow them to get their daily dose of fruits on the go! New Flavors Fruit Shoot is also adding new […]

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Inspirational Water: LIFEWTR


Need a little inspiration? LIFEWTR has created a new canvas for artists to display their work. They believe that inspiration is essential to life, just like water, so they have launched a campaign to pair up with artists allowing them to design beautiful and creative labels for their bottles. Check out the commercial that was featured during […]

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Introducing Mahaska’s Online Retailer Portal

We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our online retailer portal. Ordering for your business has never been easier! Say goodbye to last minute phones calls or rushing to meet your delivery driver, and place your order online at your convenience. Our new online portal is a simple, time-saving solution for all of your inventory needs. […]

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