Meet Caitlin Shadley-Long, Human Resources Assistant at Mahaska

Caitlin Shadley-Long is Mahaska’s Human Resources Assistant. Before coming to Mahaska she worked as Veterinary Assistant at Keokuk County Veterinary Clinic which inspired her love for animals and allowed her to express her caring nature. Working in Human Resources, Caitlin still gets to express her caring nature by always looking out for the well-being of all the Mahaska […]

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Meet Jeff Parlet, Mahaska Route Manager

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Mahaska Route Manager Jeff Parlet has been working for Mahaska in Iowa for 22 years and never fails to impress his fellow coworkers with his dedication and work habits. Outside of the warehouse he enjoys spending time with his family, watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and golfing. He is very proud of the company he works […]

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