Pepsi’s Advertising: Into the 21st Century

Michael J Fox Pepsi Commercial 1980s
Michael J. Fox

After the launch of the “Pepsi Challenge” campaign, Pepsi soared into homes as the number one brand in take-home sales going into the 80’s.

Throughout this decade, several high profile stars contributed to Pepsi’s advertising efforts, including Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, David Bowie and Michael Jackson. Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to ever be a vice-presidential candidate in the U.S., even starred in a Diet Pepsi ad. One of the more iconic celebrity advertising campaigns of the 80’s featured Michael J. Fox, who starred in a series of Pepsi and Diet Pepsi commercials due to the way his talent, style and spirit embodied the brand’s ideal target consumer.

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The 90’s brought on serious international growth. By the early 90’s, Pepsi was now in more than 150 countries and territories throughout the world. As international expansion was in full force, advertising efforts back in the United States were as well. The legendary Ray Charles joined the Pepsi advertising family with the “Uh-Huh Girls” for Diet Pepsi. (See video below)  The list continued when Supermodel Cindy Crawford helped introduce a new package design, and Pepsi, with the help of basketball icon, Shaquille O’Neal, told America to “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi.”

In 1998, Pepsi celebrated its centennial year, and in honor of this landmark, Pepsi re-designed the logo for a fresh new look going into the new millennium. The new logo, and the logo we all know today, sported a “globe” like look. The “Pepsi Globe” appeared on everything that the 21st century’s technology would introduce into our daily lives- vending machines, banners, websites, commercials, etc. Celebrity endorsements would continue to flourish into the 2000’s, as well as partnerships with the MLB and NFL.

Pepsi Globe, pepsi advertising, pepsi logo,
Pepsi Globe

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks to find out what Pepsi’s marketing and advertising teams are up to today, as well as where the company might be headed in the future.

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