Deadworld Zombie Soda

October has begun, which means the preparation for Halloween is in full swing. Pumpkin flavored beverages have already flooded the market, but zombies are making their mark this October as well. Dare to drink some scary soda to start off this holiday season? Deadworld Zombie Soda will only be around for a limited time, so get it while it lasts. This spooky soda is just another way for  you and your friends and family to get into the full swing of Halloween!

PrintDeadworld zombie soda was launched just last year, 2015, and is already retailing across a majority of the United States. This soda is based off of “Deadworld,” the award winning, hit comic book series by Caliber Comics. Deadworld exploded after it hit the comic scene in 1986 and now has over 1 million copies in print. The story is based off of a supernatural plague that is taking over the world, resulting in the dead returning back to earth. However, these are not once living people brought back to life. The zombies are just foot soldiers who have crossed over from another dimension, lead by dangerous leaders who aim at torturing the humans who are left.

The beverage currently has 12 different flavors available. All 12 flavors are all natural and feature original artwork done by the artists of the Deadworld Comic Series. Some of the flavors include “Brain Sap” aka cream soda, “Slow Decay” aka vanilla root beer, “Graveyard Delight” aka ginger ale, and many more that will have your skin crawling. To see the full list of flavors, please visit the Deadworld website.

Want to get in the Halloween spirit with more than just a pumpkin spice latte? Contact us to grab some Deadworld Zombie Soda before it is too late! This seasonal beverage is only on sale for the rest of October.