TYR Endurance Sport Trailer in Omaha

For Health Awareness Month in March, Mahaska’s TYR Trailer began a tour of stops at various Hy-Vee stores in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area.

The TYR Trailer has been going around promoting wellness with samples of TYR Endurance Sport, Vita Ice, and AQUAHydrate beverages. Along with the free samples, the first 100 people to visit the trailer also receive a free bottle of TYR Endurance Sport, with the chance to win more with in-store giveaways.

TYR Endurance Sport Gear                TYR Endurance Sport & Hy-Vee

With the Olympic swim trials coming to Omaha in 2016 at the CenturyLink Center, the TYR Trailer is working to bring awareness to the sport and create excitement leading up to the events next year. The 2016 Olympic Trials ranks as the biggest swimming event in the country and will select the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team, which will represent Team USA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Matt Grevers, a past Omaha qualifier and 6 time Olympic Swim Medalist, is sponsored by TYR Endurance Sport and drinks it regularly. TYR Endurance Sport is a high caliber hydration system that combines endurance, performance, and recovery ingredients to enable athletes to maximize and sustain their full potential for prolonged periods of time.

Grever_FB4 (1)

If you’re in the Omaha area, and haven’t seen the TYR Trailer yet, come check it out and say hi! It has 2 final stops in Omaha next week: