Kola House: PepsiCo’s First Restaurant

Kola House Restaurant

PepsiCo opened their first ever restaurant this past September, and you might be surprised how the company approached it. “Kola House” is located in Chelsea, a very trendy Manhattan neighborhood in the heart of the meat packing district. The restaurant takes a “farm-to-table” approach, with a modern, American flare. Stated on the Kola House website, the menus consist of “a specialty cocktail […]

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Introducing 1893, a New Pepsi Beverage

At the end of last month, Pepsi launched a new beverage called 1893. Inspired by the original recipe created by Pepsi founder Caleb Bradham, this new drink brings together premium ingredients for a great-tasting, unexpectedly bold cola blend of the past and present. Pepsi’s 1893 is a blend of premium kola nut extract, real sugar, sparkling […]

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