Introducing 1893, a New Pepsi Beverage

At the end of last month, Pepsi launched a new beverage called 1893. Inspired by the original recipe created by Pepsi founder Caleb Bradham, this new drink brings together premium ingredients for a great-tasting, unexpectedly bold cola blend of the past and present.

Pepsi’s 1893 is a blend of premium kola nut extract, real sugar, sparkling water with a touch of “aromatic bitters”. The beverage is available now in two delicious flavors: Original and the new Ginger Cola, for a unique and unexpected cola experience. Not only are both flavors tasty to drink alone, but also delicious served in a cocktails. The Ginger Cola version includes “real ginger” and could pair nicely with whiskey.

“We were energized by the food revolution, and inspired by consumer interest in bold and interesting taste combinations, we were also motivated by our past, so we created these unique 1893 taste experiences to honor the passion of our founder, Caleb Bradham,” says Chad Stubbs, Vice President of Marketing at PepsiCo.

The rollout of the beverage sparked surprise and curiosity on social media, where people posted their own reviews, with one user comparing it to Pepsi’s “real sugar” offering, and another recommending the Ginger Cola for any ginger beer fans.

Pepsi is also working on plans for a restaurant in New York City. The restaurant will be called Kola House and is slated for Manhattan’s up-and-coming Chelsea neighborhood. While the food menu is not quite finalized, it will certainly feature the brand’s craft sodas in any cocktails served.

Try a 1893 for yourself and enjoy a taste of the past and the present! Contact Mahaska for information on how you can carry the new beverage in your business.