AMP Energy Releases New Flavors

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AMP Energy, part of the PepsiCo Family, released four exciting new flavors last month. Keeping the favorite Original and Cherry Blast flavors, the new lineup includes: Strawberry Limeade, Passion Fruit, Blueberry White Grape ZERO and Watermelon ZERO. Greg Lyons, Vice President of Marketing at AMP Energy, states the reason for the bold new flavors: “We knew energy drink […]

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Amp Up on AMP Energy Drink

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AMP Energy drink was first introduced in 2001 under the Mountain Dew brand. The drink was originally developed as an extension of Mountain Dew using the same formula and citrus flavors. The popular energy drink is still a product of PepsiCo but is now sold under its own brand name. In 2013, AMP Energy ranked as the 5th top […]

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