Fun and Easy Spring Snacks

Easy Spring Snack

Looking for some fun and easy Spring snacks to make with your kids?  Here are a couple yummy snacks that will get your kids excited.  Put them in your kids’ lunch bags, use them at a school party, or whenever you’re craving some arts & crafts.  Easy to make and fun to eat, “cheeto carrots” are a must for Spring.  If you are looking for more of a sweet treat, try “dirt” pudding cups.


Cheeto Carrots

easy spring snackHere is what you need:

  • A bag of Cheetos
  • Green Ribbon
  • Disposable decorating or frosting bags

Directions: Fill up the frosting bag two-thirds of the way full with Cheetos and then tie it off with the green ribbon.





Dirt Pudding Cups

easy spring SnackHere is what you need:

  • Oreos
  • Sour Worms
  • Chocolate pudding

Directions: Crush the Oreos up and pour on top of the pudding cups.  Place the Sour Worms on top of the Oreos or sticking out of the pudding.


Get your hands dirty with your little ones and enjoy a fun and easy spring snack. Good News! We carry Cheetos, Oreos, and Sour Worms and you can too. Contact us today to learn how.