Get Your Protein Power: Muscle Milk

What is Muscle Milk?  It is a protein drink that can be consumed for the purpose of breakfast on-the-go, pre-workout fuel, workout recovery, a snack (at any time of day), and curbing hunger.  Why is protein necessary?  It is essential to life for a variety of reasons including:

  • Supports muscle growth, repair and maintenance
  • Important to hormone function, bone health, and nutrient support
  • Helps you fill up and maintain a healthy body weight

With a variety of flavors, muscle milk comes in chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry banana, and coffee.  Though Muscle Milk’s products contain dairy, they do not taste like milk.  Additionally, all products do not contain gluten.

When it comes to working out, the amount of protein you need varies.  If you are mildly active, then you only need to consume 50% of your weight in protein.  If you are moderately active, then you should consume 70% of your body weigh in protein.  If you are very active, then you should consume 90% of your weight in protein.  Muscle Milk helps amplify your results when it comes to building muscle after working out and also helps relieve soreness.

Even if you do not wish to gain more muscle, Muscle Milk is still a great option.  It is an excellent alternative to a protein bar if you are hungry, but do not want sugar.  It is a healthier way to snack, with fewer calories and more protein than a standard protein bar.  If you are interested in giving Muscle Milk to your children, check with your healthcare practitioner or a registered dietician regarding your child’s specific needs.

On the go or after a workout, Muscle Milk is an easy and delicious way to get your protein power in for the day.

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