5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

If you are one of 150 MILLION people who drink coffee daily in the U.S., it’s your lucky day! Turns our your morning cup of coffee may be more beneficial to you than just an early morning pick me up. Although there has been some debate over what side effects coffee actually has on our bodies, recent studies have shown coffee may have more health benefits for us than we might expect. Here are the top 5 benefits of drinking coffee:

1. Coffee is FULL of antioxidants

Scientists have found over 1000 antioxidants in coffee beans, more antioxidants than green tea and cocoa! Antioxidants are vital in reducing inflammation, the main cause of many conditions including arthritis. One antioxidant in particular, chlorogenic acid, is an antioxidant found almost only in coffee that helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Big picture- antioxidants help keep our cells protected, which helps keep us healthy!

2. It’s good for your HEART

By protecting against arterial damage caused by inflammation, the antioxidants in coffee support heart health as well!  A study in Germany analyzed almost 40,000 people over a period of 13 years and found that moderate coffee drinkers (those who drank between 2 and 4 cups daily) had a 20% lower risk of heart disease compared to heavy or light coffee drinkers.

3. Your LIVER loves coffee

Yes, it’s true. Coffee not only lowers the risk of developing liver cancer, it also has been linked to lowering your chances of developing cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, eventually preventing the liver from functioning properly. Scientist have found an inverse relationship between drinking coffee and liver enzyme blood levels. Elevated levels of these enzymes reflect liver damage in most cases, and coffee seemed to lower their level of enzymes.

4. Coffee boosts your short-term MEMORY

Caffeine appears to affect the particular areas of the brain responsible for memory and concentration, providing a boost to our short-term memory. Although there is no concrete answer to how long this effect lasts or how it varies from person to person, I think we can all agree our favorite morning pick me up helps bring some clarity to our mornings.

5. Coffee makes you HAPPY

Drinking coffee has been linked to lower rates of depression in both men and women. Several studies have shown this correlation, suggesting an inverse relationship between depression and coffee consumption. So, the more coffee you drink, the lower the risk (up to 20%) of depression. The researchers don’t seem to know exactly how coffee helps with depression, but we do know caffeine activates neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which regulate mood and happiness levels.

There are several other benefits of drinking coffee, such as reduced chances of developing type 2 diabetes, gout and certain types of cancer. Next time you go grab your morning cup of joe, remember how beneficial this drink actually can be! Want to carry coffee or other beverage items in your store? Contact us today to find out how!