It’s ‘Game On’ For Dew and Doritos

Gaming fans rejoice! Mountain Dew and Doritos have joined forces to promote the highly anticipated launch of Titanfall 2. Mountain Dew and Doritos, 2 of the most common go-to snacks for video gamers across the globe, have launched a national “Better Together” campaign. These 2 brands flawlessly came together due to their common gamer consumer base. Through special product packaging, Dew and Doritos are not only to promoting Titanfall 2’s release, but are simultaneously driving product sales.

The specially-market product packaging includes stickers with codes under the Mountain Dew caps and on Dorito bags. These codes allow consumers online access to a retailer-specific site that is filled with Titanfall 2 themed content and prizes. By entering different codes on the different Dew or Dorito packages, consumers will unlock exclusive access to custom Titanfall avatars, rewards points and more. However, the headliner of this promotion seems to be the tickets that allow players access to compete in a multiplayer mode called the “Colosseum.”

Dew x Doritos Titanfall 2

Up until early January 2017, retailers including Target, Walmart, Circle K and 7-Eleven will be participating in this promotion. With the “Better Together” campaign, Mountain Dew and Doritos have found a way to create traditional in-store activations and giveaways for specific retailers while also meeting their target consumers where they live- online.

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