Mahaska Embarks On New Brewery Venture

Brewer Blog2New things are brewing at Mahaska… and by brewing, we mean BEER! Read more about this exciting new venture below. Stay tuned for the latest news and details.

Mahaska Excited For Craft Beer Expansion

by Carissa Osborn, on Oskaloosa News

There’s a new craft beer brewery coming to Iowa, and it’s being built right in Oskaloosa. Mahaska started construction on the new brewery a few months ago with plans to open by mid summer. The brewery will include 6 different beers to start out with as well as various seasonal beers throughout the year. Chuck Crabtree is the Head Brewmaster and brings years of experience to the brewery.

Craft beer is a growing industry, holding a whopping 22% share of the beer market. When asked about the craft beer industry, Crabtree says “The craft beer industry is an interesting mix of rebels, purists, and aficionados. They will all have different takes on the craft beer craze, what it is and who it is, but I see it as a part of the wider movement across this country toward local production, accountability and identity.” Crabtree also went on to say he feels “that local production and the novelty of consuming beer that is made in your hometown is a motivator for some to drink craft beer.”

This seems to be in line with what the Mahaska CEO, Branden Muhl, has to say about embarking on this new business venture. Muhl says “Mahaska has a long tradition of innovation & leadership in the non-alcoholic beverage industry dating back to 1889 that was initially based on success in the craft soda industry with Chief Mahaska flavors. These craft roots were at the core of Mahaska’s business and culture before our transformation into a modern carbonated soft drink bottler.” Muhl also says “Mahaska had a unique opportunity to advance our own business development priorities & growth plans while also supporting a visionary and unique entrepreneur in Chuck Crabtree on his quest to turn his dreams into reality. We’re very excited about how our local opportunity has aligned perfectly with a burgeoning regional & national opportunity to bring us to the precipice of launching this exciting new enterprise.”

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