Welcome the RuckPack Line to Mahaska

Introducing the RuckPack Inc. Combat Nutrition line! Founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan, RuckPack owners live by a code of service to the country and community. RuckPack is made in the United States and gives 10% of profits back to aid veterans and military personnel. They strive to bring nutritional supplements to the mainstream.

It’s active ingredients work to promote core nutrition, stamina, razor sharp focus, and instant energy. Nootropics are used which support brain function and give you a natural energy boost. It’s a different type of energy product that was designed for soldiers to help conquer any battle.

“RuckPack doesn’t just fuel bodies, RuckPack provides ammunition for success, no matter what your battle is. Fuel to fight. Nutrition to win.”

The RuckPack product line has something for everyone. The Sports Nootropic & Multi-Vitamin is a non-caffeinated shot with extra vitamins and minerals to give you a natural boost. The Caffeinated Sports Nootropic contains 120mg of caffeine to give you an all day boost. Extra Strength Sports Nootropic packs 240mg of Caffeine for maximum energy and effort. Speedball energy drink packs electrolytes, B Vitamins, and 90mg of Caffeine to boost your body just enough. The popular Hydraid drink will be re-branded as Refit and Speedball, and is a 3-in-1 drink: Energy, Focus and Hydration beverage designed to maximize absorption of electrolytes and fluids.

The company got it’s big break when it appeared on the popular TV show, Shark Tank, in 2012. The success and popularity has been on the rise ever since and brand appearances are popping up today on top networks like Fox, Entrepreneur Magazine and Bloomberg Radio. RuckPack also sponsors many top-level, elite athletes like Brooks Hollan, Tiffany Morice, Bill Edwards and Audra Adair.

RuckPack Inc. sponsored charities include Team Red White & Blue, Marsoc Foundation, and Live Free or Die 5000. Team Red White & Blue helps veterans connect with their communities and take part in fitness and social gatherings. The Marsoc Foundation provides generous support for active duty, medically retired, and the families of those who lost their lives in duty. Live Free or Die 5000 honors the memory of Jeremy J. Graczyk and awards scholarships to high school students.

Currently RuckPack is sold in 10,000 locations across the US. Contact a Mahaska representative today to carry it in your own business!

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