If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Drink it: Broken Bow Brewery

Tucked away in Tuckahoe, New York the Broken Bow Brewery is home to a fine selection of rule-breaking brews. This family-run business offers an honest, down-to-earth experience while still proudly displaying their aesthetic in their cans’ art and beer. Mahaska is proud to announce our partnership with Broken Bow! Through this effort, numerous Broken Bow craft styles will be brewed at the NoCoast Beer Co. brewery in Iowa. We will be distributing the beer throughout the midwest.

Headbrewer Mike LaMothe was on site for the initial production of our Broken Routines IPA Series: Mosaic & Amarillo in December. According to Mike, “The entire Broken Bow team is excited by the opportunity to introduce our brand in the Midwest, close to family roots and our namesake town of Broken Bow, Nebraska. The opportunity to work with NoCoast Beer Co. and Mahaska Distribution, two organizations we genuinely respect, gave us the confidence necessary to take this significant step in our brewery’s history.”

Assistant Brewer Kasey LaMothe was present with members of the Mahaska team introducing Broken Bow directly to the craft community as distribution began.

The Broken Routines India Pale Ale Series is especially hot with this expansion right now.

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