Ambassador of the Italian Coffee Culture: Segafredo Zanetti

Mahaska has ventured into the coffee industry, and with that comes many new and exciting brands to add to the portfolio. One of those brands is Segafredo Zanetti, known as the “Ambassador of the Italian Coffee Culture”. The essence of the brand is the lifestyle reflected in Italy’s cafés.

Segafredo History

The Segafredo Zanetti brand was born thanks to the great and passionate work of an Italian coffee merchant, Mr. Massimo Zanetti. Descendant from a family with more than two generations in the coffee trade business, Mr. Zanetti launched the first Segafredo Café back in 1988 in Paris.

Soccer Partnership

Segafredo Zanetti has recently entered a partnership with the Juventus Football Club. Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group’s Managing Director for Southern Europe, Giorgio Boggero, stated, “Segafredo Zanetti is an ambassador for Italian espresso throughout the globe and has always looked on with interest at the world of sport and its positive social values. It was only natural that we should link up with Juventus, the most international of all Italian clubs. We’ve immediately struck up a great partnership which will prove to be unique. We begin our journey at Allianz Stadium but we’ll soon be traveling together across the globe.” The coffee will be distributed at all bars, restaurants and hospitality areas at Allianz Stadium.


Massimo Zanetti Beverages

In addition to Segafredo, the parent company, Massimo Zanetti Beverages, also produces Chock Full o’ Nuts and Kauai Coffee. Mahaska also distributes these coffee brands!  Massimo Zanetti is the 10th largest coffee roaster in the world, roasting some 130k tons of coffee in 11 roasting plants throughout the world.

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Source: Seeking Alpha