Applebee’s Great Burger Debate

Pepsi and Applebee’s have partnered up to bring us the one and only, all-in burger debate! For a limited time, burger lovers and sports fans can enjoy the Applebee’s All-in Burger Meal Deal – one of four featured burgers, fries and a Pepsi for only $9.99 – for lunch at their local Applebee’s. However, this journey doesn’t just include Pepsi and Applebee’s. These 2 have joined forces with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s sports-talk radio and television show “Mike & Mike.” Together, they are inviting people from all over the country to join in on the “All-in Burger Debate,” where there will be a chance to win several prizes.

There are 2 different ways to enter to win prizes. The different ways enter you into a pool to win separate prizes. The first way to enter is to visit your local Applebee’s, snap a pic of your “All-In Burger Meal Deal,” post on Instagram or Twitter with #allintowinsweepstakes. The grand prize winner will have to chance to become a producer for a day on the “Mike & Mike” show.

The second way to enter is via text the code you can find at your local Applebee’s. Every 5 minutes, “instant prizes” are awarded, which include Mike & Mike buying your meal or your choice of local pro sport tickets. The grand prize? Becoming a producer for a day on the “Mike & Mike” show. To learn more, please visit