Pepsi Now: A Look At Today’s Advertising

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PepsiMoji x Jeremy Scott Sunglasses

Pepsi has progressed immensely over the years, from a local beverage brand to an industry giant, and it’s advertising has changed along with it. Pepsi now uses several different channels and marketing techniques to promote the brand, making it almost hard to keep up! To make things easy, we put together the best and biggest marketing campaigns Pepsi has recently or currently is implementing.

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In 2015, Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year was “emoji,” a new way of communication we have all grown extremely familiar with over the past few years. Pepsi saw this as a marketing opportunity that could easily translate globally, and recently released the “PepsiMoji” campaign. Cans across the globe were marked with the “PepsiMojis,” pushing the idea that even if you don’t speak the same language as someone, you can still communicate with emojis and “say it with Pepsi.” However, Pepsi has expanded this marketing campaign far beyond packaging and social media. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott worked with Pepsi on a collection of PepsiMoji-inspired sunglasses that definitely brought a new spin to traditional beverage marketing.

Due to the increase in health trends rising across several markets, Pepsi has started to take a different approach to marketing than they used to. Rather than promoting their actual beverages, Pepsi now seems to be aiming to promote a little comical relief combined with happiness and positivity through their ads, and we’re loving it.

Currently, Pepsi is teamed up with the NFL for a #BreakOutThePepsi marketing campaign. This campaign features several football stars juxtaposted alongside every day people for a hilarious result. Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. are the first to join the #BreakOutThePepsi campaign, but many more NFL players are included in their “Zone Reads” videos. These videos feature the athletes reading tweets written about them by the public, resulting in more laughs across the board.

As trends continue to change, it should be interesting to see what direction Pepsi will take as a beverage brand. Stay tuned for the next 2 weeks to see where Pepsi might be heading in order to keep up with the changing environment.

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