Mountain Dew Holiday Brew

Mountain Dew is rolling out a new flavor for the holidays and it may taste a little familiar… it’s a combination of everyone’s two favorite flavors! The Mountain Dew Holiday Brew is a mixture of original Mountain Dew and Code Red.

Mountain Dew must have been inspired by the red and green colors to combine these two flavors for the holidays. While the flavors aren’t mixed 50/50, the presence of both flavors can be detected. Reviewers of the product described it as citrus flavored with hints of black cherry.  Check out this review of the Holiday Brew to get an idea of how it tastes:

This isn’t the first time that Mountain Dew has combined flavors. In April, they mixed Code Red, White Out, and Voltage to make DEW.S.A. just in time for Summer.

Holiday Brew

Bringing us back to the good old days of mixing sodas under the soda fountain, Mountain Dew brings us a combo we are all dying to try!

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