Meet Nancy Kindall, Mahaska Administrative Assistant

Nancy Kindall has worked for Mahaska for 22 years. Currently the Administrative Assistant in Kansas office, she is known for always giving a helping hand to her friends and family in need. Nancy loves how Mahaska gives back to the Salina community. Read more about Nancy below!

What is a typical day at Mahaska look like for you?

There is never a typical day and it is never dull. Every day is ever changing and challenging.

Favorite beverage that Mahaska distributes?

Dr. Pepper.

Favorite snack that Mahaska distributes?

Sorry not a snacker but occasionally I enjoy a breakfast buddy sandwich.

What do you do outside of Mahaska for fun?

Chill with family and friends over beverages, snack items, bbq, and fire-pit conversations.

What’s something no one would guess about you?


How would you think your friends describe you in one sentence?

Always there whenever needed.

What are you most passionate about?


What have you seen Mahaska do that benefits the local community?

Donations to many child/youth fundraisers for illnesses, sporting events, BBBS (big brother, big sister), children’s face painting sponsor at SHRF (Smoky Hill River Festival), play day in the park.  Anything and everything they can do that improves Salina’s kids.

How would you describe “Midwest Values?”

Generally laid back and easy going.