Mahaska Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Mahaska has always been a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mahaska decided to show their support early on by participating in Emily Mahaska Supports Breast Cancer Awareness- Mahaska BlogMcGarvey’s Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser on Labor Day. This is Mahaska’s second year proudly participating in the fundraiser and everyone was excited to help such a worthy cause!

Emily McGarvey is a sweet and warm-hearted 15 year old girl from Chapman, Kansas. Five years ago her family suffered from a  devastating loss. After a tough battle, their beloved Aunt Chris had passed away from breast cancer. Since that moment, Emily’s passion has been to make an effort to help women fighting the same fight as her Aunt Chris. She wanted to show strangers that there are people who truly care for them and feel for what they are going through.

The first year of her fundraiser she worked extremely hard to raise $100 with the help of her family and friends. With that money, she ended up donating it to Deana, a loving mother who lived in Abilene, Kansas. Emily included an anonymous note along with the money. Once Deana received the donation and note, she insisted on meeting Emily and thanking her for the amazing gift. Upon Emily’s arrival she was surprised to see that Deana had invited a local news reporter. The next day, Emily was in shock as she opened the front page of the newspaper and saw an article written about Deana’s story and her charitable efforts.

By the second year, Emily’s fundraiser had gained momentum. With public support she was able to raise more than the previos year, especially thanks to Mahaska’s contirbutions. Emily set up a booth in front of the post office selling TYR Endurance Sport t-shirts, cups, hats, pens, bracelets and bottles. Along with the help of her parents and friends, she was able to raise $1, 400. She decided to donate it to a co-worker of her parents, who upon receiving the donation, was so surprised she broke out in tears. Emily had yet again helped a stranger in need.

Mahaska Supports Breast Cancer Awareness- Mahaska BlogThis past Labor day was once again another success with the continuos support of Mahaska, her family, and friends. Emily extended her fundraising products to t-shirts, hats, bracelets, fans, monkeys, pens, bottles, TYR, Pink Real Tree Outdoors energy drinks, and Fruit Shoot kids drinks. To keep in tradition with the previous years, Emily stayed anonymous in her donation.

Emily plans to have a fundraiser every year and hopes to spread Breast Cancer Awareness as much as possible. She is a wonderful young girl who loves to give back and help others! Mahaska can’t wait to see what Emily has in store for the future!