Meet Michael Shoemaker, Mahaska’s Training Director Supervisor

Born and raised Ottumwa, Iowa native Michael Shoemaker is Mahaska’s Training Director Supervisor. His position at Mahaska allows him to be very dynamic and carry out many responsibilities in the warehouse. His sense of humor and love for the outdoors mixed with his hard working and helpful character make him the utmost friend and employee. Michael values the importance of giving back and mirrors Mahaska’s involvement in the community. To find out more about Michael read more below!

What is a typical day at Mahaska look like for you?

Well, I normally don’t have a typical day at Mahaska. It varies daily. One day I could be covering a merchandiser’s route, and another day driving an Express truck. I also could be going around to the stores checking up on guys, making sure the POS is up and looking nice, and talking to store managers.

Favorite beverage that Mahaska distributes?

My favorite beverage would be the Kickstarts.

Favorite snack that Mahaska distributes?

My favorite snack would be the Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos.

What do you do outside of Mahaska for fun?

I really enjoy playing sports and going to sporting events. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, and hiking.

What’s something no one would guess about you?

I’m really Batman….

How would you think your friends describe you in one sentence?

They would say that I am a very thoughtful and charismatic person who always has a smile on his face and brings smiles to others.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about helping others in need and always lending a helping hand.

Are you involved in the local community? If so, how?

Yes, I am involved in the local community. I’ve done multiple highway cleanups, help coach at the YMCA, and helped with local business fundraisers.

What have you seen Mahaska do that benefits the local community?

I’ve seen Mahaska donate beverages and prizes for fundraisers, and I’ve also seen them donate money to schools.

How would you describe “Midwest Values?”

Being h​umble, trustworthy, family­-loving, down­ to­ earth, hard working, and being full of politeness and courtesy.