Back to School with Mahaska Partners

With the new school year beginning, Mahaska has partnered up with many products to make your life simple when preparing snacks for a long day at school. Whether you are learning your ABC’s, U.S history, algebra, or european literature Mahaska provides a plethora of options to fuel hungry minds.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is often forgotten as we rush out the door.Back to School Mahaska Blog  Mahaska’s partner, Bob Evans Farms, who provides the sausage, egg & cheese burrito and biscuit which can be warmed quickly in the microwave. This is a great option for a quick on the go breakfast to keep you full all morning.

Snack time, is crucial to stay alert and focused in the classroom, playground, or library. Luckily Mahaska’s partners provide snacks that satisfy every tastebud. General Mills Nature Valley Oat & Honey Granola bar is a great option if you are desiring something sweet, crunchy and healthy. Frito Lay Baked Cheddar Snack Mix is a good pick if you want something salty, cheesy and crunchy. For those with a sweet tooth, Kellog’s Famous Amous Chocolate Chip cookies can always satisfy a craving.

When lunch time hits so does the stomach grumblings. Mahaska’s partners Hormel Foods sells three pasta type dishes: Chicken & Noodles Meal, Chicken Alfredo Meal and Chili With Beans Meal. All three will  keep you full until it’s time to ride home from practice. If pasta isn’t your thing – Landshire, Mahaska partner, has the most classic option for lunch: a sandwich. Sandwich options include the Italian Super Sub Sandwich, Chuckwagon Sandwich, Country Fried Steak Sandwich, and the Double Charbroil Sandwich. If a microwave isn’t in the cards, the all-time American favorite Kraft Lunchables are the perfect option. Lunchables are an elementary and middle school staple. So many lunch options that are delicious, quick, and keep you full!Mahaska Partner Kraft Lunchables

In addition to these delectable food options, Mahaska is partnered up with many beverage companies to pair with your meal or snack. Mahaska has an option for everyone. Stuck in the library all day trying to study for finals or midterms? Grab an AMP Energy Drink or a Starbucks Vanilla Double Shot Espresso Drink. Feeling dehydrated? Rehydrate yourself with Aquafina Water or AQUAHydrate Water. Sports practice or game after school? Make sure you have enough electrolytes with TYR Endurance Sport or Gatorade.

Packing your meals for the day won’t be nearly as difficult as choosing from all the great options Mahaska has to offer!