Welcome Isaiah Nieuwsma

We would like to officially welcome  Isaiah Nieuwsma to the Mahaska team!  Isaiah just started three weeks ago as one of our Administrative Assistants in Salina, KS. He was born in Ottumwa, IA and grew up in Sigourney. Before joining us, Isaiah worked as a Short-Term Disability Claims Examiner. Check out this week’s employee spotlight to get to know Isaiah:

What is a typical day at Mahaska look like for you?

I’m still getting acquainted with learning all the possibilities and ways that I can contribute in my role.  Ask me in two months.

Favorite beverage that Mahaska distributes?

Wild Cherry Pepsi

Favorite snack that Mahaska distributes?

Welch’s Fruit Snacks

What do you do outside of Mahaska for fun?

Play basketball and video games.  Also, science and tech articles for fun.

What’s something no one would guess about you?

That I’ve been skydiving.

What are you most passionate about?

Assisting others with problems to help them find a workable solution.

What have you seen Mahaska do that benefits the local community?

Mahaska of Salina participates in a program called “Dew it for your School.”  The program gives back to local schools in the form of a donation.  It is Mahaska’s hope that the program improves the overall quality of life in the communities by providing resources to create expanded opportunities and growth experiences for our youth.

How would you describe “Midwest Values?”

At least where I lived; nice people and flat land.  Meaning: you help people because that’s the way you were raised.