Mountain Dew Green Label

“Ball. Skate Create.” Run in partnership with Mountain Dew, Green Label is an online magazine brought to you by Complex Media. Green label covers everything from gaming, basketball and action sports to music, art and style.  With the motto, Ball. Skate. Create., Green Label covers pretty much everything those words encompass.

Mountain Dew is calling Green Label their first-ever brand-owned multi channel network. This platform was created in hopes to build long-term and direct relationships with customers and digital creators. In a recent press release, Mountain Dew stated “Creators also benefit from a larger ad revenue split when going directly through Dew.”

Green Label features numerous creators in the action sports, music, and lifestyle categories. It’s athletes include racer Dale Earnhart Jr, skateboarders Sean Malto and Trevor Colden, Snowboarder Danny Davis, and NBA players Russel Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, and Julius Randle. With these influencers alone, the company easily reaches millions of fans through their athletes channels as well as on their own. On Mountain Dew’s youtube channel alone, they have amassed over 650 million views.

Mountain Dew’s digital marketing manager, Stinton Parks noted Green Label creators will develop content that integrates the brand’s messaging “all year long.” He added that Green Label seeks to take a collaborative approach when it comes to branded content.

“For the brand, they receive cost efficiency in signing an influencer to multi-year contracts, much like an endorsement deal,” said Hallie Harris, managing director of Mountain Dew’s digital ad agency Epic Signal. “For the influencer, they can more easily manage their own brand dilution by committing to one brand in one category, thus developing a more meaningful and impactful relationship. Everybody wins.”

Take some time today and check out Moutain Dew’s creation, Green Label. With endless amount of engaging content, there is something here for every Mountain Dew fan. Want to carry Mountain Dew in your business? Contact us today to find out how!