Why Micro Markets are Right for Your Business

Micro Markets — The Next Level of Vending

In this day and age, we have the luxury of choosing from multiple options for just about anything. Including food and beverage choices for meals and snacks. Gone are the days of only being able to provide traditional vending machines for your employees or customers. Businesses across the country have been upgrading their vending or food service programs with micro markets.

Micro markets are self-contained stores that are designed to offer hundreds of fresh food options, an unlimited variety of snacks and drinks, and healthy alternatives. Mahaska is proud to offer cutting-edge, full service micro markets solutions to a wide variety of customers. Along with our energy-efficient equipment, Mahaska utilizes sophisticated accounting and inventory control systems to eliminate stock-out product issues and to provide detailed, accurate reporting to our customers.

Not only that, but our micro markets are 100% customizable. Our micro markets are able to fit within any area, providing an appealing space for any business. We even offer custom branded signage, providing a seamless, enjoyable experience for any employee or customer.


 The Healthier Way

Our micro markets include a wide variety of products, including an array of healthy options, such as: salads, fruit, quality protein bars, herbal teas and more. Items that don’t fit in your typical vending machine. In recent years there’s been a shift in mindset, people are increasingly more aware and interested in what types of foods they eat. They want to know that what they’re eating is healthy and providing some nutritional value.

By giving your employees or customers healthier options via micro markets, you’re boosting morale throughout and potentially reducing employee health costs.

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Kiosks and Inventory Management

Installed with cutting edge technologies, our checkout kiosks have the latest in accommodations, such as: fingerprint scanners, smartphone mobile app pairing, credit card readers, bill acceptors and ‘wallets’ that can be pre-loaded with money so all you have to do is scan to pay.

With the ability to simply scan, swipe and go grabbing lunch or a quick snack has never been easier. With a micro market your employees can easily eat a healthy lunch together without even leaving the building. Ultimately boosting productivity, happiness and camaraderie.

Our kiosks, which are powered by Parlevel, also display the latest product specials and employee highlights.

Our inventory management system is plugged into Mahaska mobile devices, allowing us to always be up-to-date on what is needed in your micro market, keeping your shelves fully stocked at all times with fresh, quality food.

Want one for your workplace?

Mahaska can now get your work space fully equipped with the top of the line equipment for a customized micro market experience in as little as 1-2 days.  Once installed, whenever you require service let us know and we will get you serviced, up and running ASAP.

>> Interested in getting a micro market set up in your business? Contact us today to get started!