Mahaska Partner: Dew Tour Hosts Skate Celebration in Los Angeles

From August 14th to August 16th, Dew Tour hosted a celebration of the sport and culture of skateboarding in Los Angeles, California. Fans onsite had the opportunity to watch their favorite athletes compete and immerse themselves in the Dew Tour experience. Not just a skate competition; this was a festival of everything  skate. Fans who were not able to attend the event had the opportunity to watch the competition and interviews with athletes via a live stream.

Dew Tour Blog

Skater, Kevin Hoefler, won both the skateboard street style and the skateboard street competitions while Jimmy Wilkens took first place in the skateboard vertical. In addition to the competition Mountain Dew provided concerts for the fans and athletes, had an Instagram scavenger hunt, provided samples of their products, and aired Mountain Dew Green Label Films’ much anticipated skateboarding movie, “We Are Blood.” The weekend was action packed with skating, music, games and a whole load of Mountain Dew.