Bubly: ‘crack a smile’

The sparkling water world is being taken by storm with Pepsi’s new hip drink. Bubly contains carbonated water and features natural fruity flavors for a fun, crisp taste. With zero calories and zero sweeteners, Bubly sparkling water is a guilt-free refreshment. Zero guilt = only smiles, hence their motto: “crack a smile”.

Bubly is available in an array of delicious flavors in eight and 12-packs: lime, grapefruit, cherry, lemon, strawberry, apple, mango, and orange. The flavors come from all natural substances such as fruit or fruit juices, spices, vegetables, or herbs.

A perfect option for health conscious individuals who still crave at hint of sweetness in a light spritz. Best part is, Mahaska now carries this refreshing and healthy beverage!

Ellen Degeneres and Bubly

Bubly is the talk of the town right now. So much so that Ellen DeGeneres even hopped on board by sending Neil Patrick Harris to Target to buy some Bubly. Watch what happened!

So hop on the bandwagon! The Bubly team welcomes you with open arms.

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