What makes Hershey’s chocolate great?

Have you ever wondered what makes Hershey’s chocolate so darn delicious? We are going behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the process and ingredients that make up Hershey’s chocolate.

The Process

  1. Cacao fruit is harvested, cut, dried, and fermented to become cacao beans
  2. Cacao beans are roasted at high temperatures to develop the chocolate flavor
  3. The beans are cracked and the small pieces that are left over, nibs, are used to make the chocolate                          Hershey
  4. The nibs are ground into unsweetened chocolate
  5. Milk is mixed with sugar into a taffy-like consistency before it’s mixed with the nibs
  6. The nibs are refined into powder and mixed with cocoa butter, through conching
  7. Tempering makes the chocolate firm, but easily melted
  8. Chocolate is poured into vibrating molds that get rid of air bubbles
  9. Once the chocolate has cooled, it is packaged and shipped

The Ingredients

  • Milk comes from local farms (within 100 miles from Hershey Factory)
    • More than 17,000 cows are milked a day to supply fresh milk for Hershey’s chocolateHershey
  • Cocoa is collected from various regions around the world
    • It will be 100% certified by 2020
  • Almonds are grown in California
  • Sugar is sourced from the Southern US and other regions of the world
  • Natural vanilla is used to make the chocolate smooth

Hershey’s Simple Ingredients means they use colors from natural sources and are made with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Cows are also treated humanely, check out this video to shed some light on the situation:

It’s the magic of the process and the natural ingredients that make Hershey the best chocolate.  Alongside, their humanitarian efforts and goals to make the world a better place, Hershey truly is spreading the happiness.

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Source: Hersheys