SoBe Artists Wanted!

Most people know SoBe for its bold and delicious flavors of tea, enhanced water and 12043029_10153656582681449_5191111919254384118_nelixirs. The crazy, colorful, vibrant and full of energy brand could never be missed. For all the drink and brand lovers, SoBe is creating an amazing project that uses the imagination and artistic creativity of their fans while tying in the vivacious nature of the brand.

SoBe recently teamed up with PepsiCo to form a group or “creator team.” The team’s mission is to explore the edges of culture and co-create innovative experience. The movement introduces the idea of an artist-in-residency program for SoBe. Through finding influencers and creators from diverse artistic backgrounds who embody the “Ride the Wild” spirit of the brand, the goal is to empower these creative masters by providing them with space, tools, mentors and media.

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The idea is to go beyond the traditional marketing agency approach and use the skills of these artistic creators dispersed in our world. SoBe wants to give them the opportunity to help build their skills and portfolios all while creating11230104_10153691435846449_535372612119285154_n content for the brand. The creators will generate their own unique material that will eventually be on exhibition on SoBe’s media properties. Through this project, the company has hopes to increase followers and engagement, and reach emerging audiences.

The project will wrap up the first week of December in the birthplace of SoBe, Miami Beach, during the Art Basel. Art Basel is an exhibition of 267 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showing their work from masters of Modern and contemporary art. SoBe and the Creator team will showcase the finalized art pieces at this exhibition and hopefully help the creators make connections with industry leaders.

This genius project will not only be amazing marketing for the brand but it will also provide striving artists the opportunity to increase their portfolio and have their work showcased to important people in the industry. A win-win for everyone! Clearly, SoBe is not only standing out by its bold beverage flavors but it is also allowing its fans be bold.

Check out the hashtag #RideTheWild to see some of the pieces already created!

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