Salina Chamber of Commerce, Guest Blog by Frank Hampton

The Salina Chamber of Commerce membership represents the employers of approximately 95 percent of employees in Salina, Kansas. The Chamber works on many action fronts to support community development, and presents opportunities for individual growth and fulfillment. Economic development, including working with our valued members on existing business expansion and retention, remains a key focus of our Chamber and we truly appreciate the extensive efforts and contributions of Mahaska.

salina-ksThe Chamber aids all members, including Mahaska, in identifying new businesses coming into the area and guides new Chamber members to do business with other Chamber members. Mahaska participates in the Chamber’s very detailed Wage and Benefit survey every year. These results and information received are very beneficial for Mahaska’s hiring program, allowing for better human resource management.

Mahaska also utilizes Salina Chamber of Commerce’s weekly business profiles to get close to both existing customers and potential new ones. These events are held on site at the selected businesses. Lastly, Mahaska attends the annual dinner each year held by the Chamber featuring guest dignitaries like Former President George H. W. Bush, Governor ​Sarah Palin, and many others. The dinners give Mahaska some positive exposure to leaders among different business categories.

An extensive Calendar of Events for Salina is maintained by Visit Salina and can be found at under the “Visit Salina” tab. To the business community and our members, thank you for your support of the Chamber. As we continue to move forward, our local Chamber will continue to work to promote our businesses and our community.

FrankHampton Frank R. Hampton

2015 Chairman, Salina Area Chamber of Commerce